Upcoming events

Portage: Raft one-day workshop
Sat 24 - Wed 28 Aug 2019, North Melbourne, Victoria

Raft is a series of one-day workshops in which people work together using materials from our natural and built environments to build floatable structures.

Portage: Shelter weaving workshop
Sun 31 Aug 2019, North Melbourne, Victoria

Join Mittul and six intercultural master weavers from different Indigenous backgrounds to explore ideas, techniques and materials for converting rafts into a series of disaster shelters in this free workshop.
Bicycles made of Grass
Fri 30 Aug 2019, Melbourne, Victoria
In this FREE talk Lance Rake will share his experience in working with sustainable materials to design bikes, skateboards, paddle board and more. 

Eco-friendly bamboo toy cars

Combining the minimalist and contemporary design principles with the beauty of bamboo we created a series of toy cars that are natural, beautiful and sustainable.

These cars are hand crafted using eco-friendly materials with minimal industrial processing. Everything used is the product is biodegradable ensuring the toy does not contribute to landfill at the end of life and can be fully composted.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign for more information and to pre-order the cars.

What we do

Design and Construction
We design and build inspiring structures using bamboo and other sustainable materials. 
Hands-on Workshops
We conduct workshops focused on hands-on learning using bamboo as a primary material.
Technical Advice
We provide technical advice for using bamboo for construction or interior projects.

Recent projects