Building with Bamboo
Permaculture Sydney Institute, St. Albans, NSW
18-19 Oct 2014

This workshop is for those who appreciate bamboo and all its beauty, bounty and abundance; its strength and structural ability; its flexibility to bend and not break; its multi-functionality and usefulness; and its sustainability. It’s for those who wish to design and build bamboo structures for their home, farm or community and become more self-reliant, energy efficient and sustainable.

About the workshop
BAMBOO, the planet’s most versatile and multifunctional plant species with over 5,000 uses, plays an important role in the home garden or farm in many ways. It is a renewable, environmentally friendly and sustainable material that can be used for multiple functions for construction material, craft, food, land repair and landscaping.

Bamboo is an aesthetically pleasing as well as an excellent construction material for building homes, studios, carports,  garden gazebos,  green-houses,  fences, trellises and many other structures. It is also an excellent material for craft with which a huge range of personal and household products can be made such as bread boards, baskets, jewelry, furniture, and many more.

Workshop Project
Over two fabulous days participants of this workshop will learn to build with bamboo, construction design to completion. This project demonstrates an array of techniques used in bamboo construction and provides participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to build their own structures. It will be fun packed, informative, hands on and very practical. Don’t miss it!

Workshop Outcomes
This practical hands-on workshop will cover the practical aspects of building with bamboo. It covers all the important basics you need to know including joinery, cutting, spitting, growing, preserving, harvesting, preservation and management techniques. The aim of the workshop is to educate students about the potential of bamboo as an alternative material for various products, furniture and architecture.

In essence, after this bamboo workshop you will;
  • Get hands on experience including building a screen fence & a small Bamboo Arbor (entrance to food forest)
  • Learn about preserving and repair via work to bamboo bridge and some small simple activities with bamboo
  • Appreciate this wonderful plant material
  • Understand the properties of bamboo as an alternative material
  • Know the various uses of bamboo in the past and the present
  • Know the ways in which bamboo can be utilised for architecture
  • Have the skills and knowledge to be able to design and build your own bamboo projects
  • Be more self-reliant, energy efficient and sustainable
For more information visit the Permaculture Sydney Institute website
Peppertree Place
Urquhart Street, Coburg, Victoria
18-19 Oct 2014
Start: 9:00am 
Finish: 4:00pm 

Munir Vahanvati
Mittul Vahanvati 

Workshop cost: 
1 day - $145
2 day (full workshop)- $270