Promoting the use of bamboo is at the heart of what we do at Giant Grass. Our interest in bamboo is grounded in the intention to foster the use of this structurally high-performing, low cost and ecologically sustainable material in small-scale building industry. To achieve this vision we not only engage in design and building of bamboo structures but also conduct hands-on construction workshops imparting awareness about the possibilities with bamboo. Underlying this approach is the understanding that working with bamboo like any other natural material requires hands-on experience with the material. The vast amount of literature available for building with bamboo is not sufficient to fully understand the qualities this material.

With each structure that we build we have experimented with the built form and connection  details. Each new project brought new challenges and opportunities which enabled us to expand our understanding of this fabulous material. We strongly believe that design plays a key role in creating products and structures out of bamboo. Our design approach is based on using bamboo in its most natural form and exploring various possibilities whilst retaining the overall integrity of the material. We create our designs by carving, cutting and splitting the hollow cylindrical bamboo culm. 


We love bamboo
We like to make things
We believe in collaboration
We value good design
We are always up for a challenge
We like to experiment
We like to share our experiences


Munir Vahanvati

Munir is a designer with more than 12 years of industry experience. He has been involved in working with bamboo since last 10 years. He is passionate about designing and using the natural form of bamboo to create rhythmic structures that create a play of light and shade.

Munir's main focus has been on creating designs that are efficient, attractive and minimise labour input to maximise productivity. He has designed various products, furniture structures out of bamboo and also likes to get hands-on making some of the products. In Nov 2013 Munir took on the role of Vice-President at the Bamboo Society of Australia.

Email:   munir@giantgrassdesign.com 
Phone: +61 478 480 205

Mittul Vahanvati

Mittul is a designer with a post graduate qualification in Sustainable Development. Her main interest lies in conducting active-learning construction workshops amongst community about bamboo as an ecologically and socially sustainable material. 

She has been involved in working with bamboo for past 10 years. She was introduced to bamboo by M P Ranjan from NID when she engaged in teaching basic design skills to the local craftsmen at NID-BCDI in Agartala, NE India. Since then, she has continued spreading awareness about design possibilities with bamboo with varied strata of people from craftsmen, tribal, community to University students. She aims at designing contemporary designs utilizing bamboo in combination with other materials, and raising the standard of bamboo in the design industry. 

Email:   mittul@giantgrassdesign.com 
Phone: +61 404 978 179