Bamboo Chook House

This community workshop involved introducing participants to the possibilities of bamboo as a construction material and providing them with hands-on experience to enable them to build with bamboo in their own backyard. Participants co-designed and constructed a chicken shelter for the permaculture garden of Eco-living centre at University of New South Wales (UNSW) based on the principles of permaculture and passive design.

The structure is 1.5m x 3m in size, with roof opening up towards north, to capture sunlight. The southern wall was made with woven bamboo mat with mud plaster on top. The doors, window frames and roofing were all procured from second-hand shops. Temporary metal fencing clamps were used to connect structural bamboo members, for ease of maintenance in future. We used rubber padding between the clamp and bamboo where necessary to achieve a tight connection. By using this clamping connection, the number of bamboo poles required was significantly reduced. This was particularly possible due to the small size of the structure.

The structure could not be finished due to the relocation of the Eco-living Centre.
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