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Bamboo Eco-Cabin Workshop
Bamboo Retreat, Kalang NSW 2454 (Near Bellingen)
4-10 April 2015

Are you interested in being a bamboo builder in Australia? Build for yourself, or as part of a national network? Come and learn to build one of the first ‘Bamboo Eco Cabin’ designs and be in the running to join our national network to roll out unique bamboo building designs for the Australian Market. 

This one week construction workshop is an advanced level workshop suitable for people with serious interest in using bamboo as a sustainable building material.  We want to grow an industry and culture of bamboo in Australia, to develop bamboo building standards and teach people who are already skilled or committed to the basics of building. 

Over 7 days you will learn about bamboo harvesting, treatment and construction including details about foundations, joinery, roof, floor, doors and windows. The workshop will provide all the information necessary for you to build your own bamboo house. Attending the workshop will also provide you an opportunity to be part of a bamboo construction team to build the same bamboo house in different locations around Australia. So, this is not only a learning opportunity it is also an opportunity for future work and career in building with bamboo.

The workshop is organised by Giant Grass and The Bello Bamboo Company who are passionate about working with bamboo and have years of experience in building with bamboo. The workshop will be facilitated by Munir Vahanvati and assisted by Mittul Vahanvati and Kirsten Daly. For more information about the facilitators please see details about the facilitators.

Places are limited so apply now to secure your place

The workshop will include a mix of theory and practical sessions with a focus on building the Bamboo Eco-Cabin. A day will generally include some theory, hands-on construction and evening slide shows and movies about bamboo construction through the world. As part of the workshop participants will learn about the following topics -
  • Bamboo species and its uses
  • Various bamboo preservation techniques
  • Various types of bamboo connections including bolting, lashing, etc.
  • Principles of building with bamboo
  • Various bamboo building techniques like cutting, drilling and splitting bamboo.
  • Details about bamboo construction including making foundations, floors, roofs, doors & windows, screens, etc. 
All of the above will be incorporated into the design and construction of the Bamboo Eco-Cabin.

The workshop is an advanced level workshop hence some understanding of construction and woodworking tools is essential. The workshop will cover discussion on specialised bamboo tools and its uses.

 A detailed workshop program and agenda will be uploaded closer to the workshop date.

The Design
The design of the Bamboo Eco-Cabin is based on the design the Bamboo Eco-Cubby built by Giant Grass. The design will include one room with space for a queen sized bed, pantry, storage, tables and chair and a bathroom. The design will also include a verandah with pergola with space for two chairs and a table. It will be made from bamboo as the main structural material and include other recycled and natural materials. The layout will include all the passive design principles to create an eco-friendly house.

Building more Bamboo Eco-Cabins
One of the intentions of the workshop is to develop a team that is trained in building the Bamboo Eco-Cabin design. The house built during the workshop will become a prototype to showcase the possibilities of building with bamboo. The design will be available for sale to anyone willing to build a house on their property with the workshop participants becoming the preferred builders for this particular design. This will provide income to participants willing to develop a career in building with bamboo. Hence, this workshop is not only a learning opportunity it is also an opportunity for future work and career in building with bamboo. 

More details about this initiative will be discussed at the workshop including project management, building, sales, etc.

Bamboo Retreat, Kalang, NSW
Sat 4 Apr - Fri 10 Apr 2015
Start: 9:00am, Finish: 5:00pm 

Munir Vahanvati, Giant Grass
Mittul Vahanvati, Giant Grass
Kirsten Daly, Bello Bamboo

Workshop cost: 
Regular - $490
Early bird - $450
(first 10 participants before 15 Jan 2015)
Food - $25/day
($5 breakfast, $5 lunch, $15 dinner)

Accommodation - 
Camping available on site - $15/day

If you wish to pay by direct bank transfer please send us an email for bank details.

Cancellations and refunds:
Giant Grass reserves the right to cancel workshops due to insufficient numbers.

If we cancel the workshop you will be entitled to a 100% refund, or you may choose to transfer to another date, subject to availability.

If you decide to withdraw 15 or more days prior to the workshop date Giant Grass will retain a 10% administration fee.

If you decide to withdraw less than 15 days prior to the workshop date Giant Grass will retain 100% of your workshop fee.
Bamboo Eco-Cabin workshop Poster
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