Peats Ridge Walkway

Peats Ridge Festival is sustainability, arts and music festival held every year at Glenworth Valley 1 hour north of Sydney. The brief was to create an entrance structure that echoed the principles of the festival and created a sense of arrival. The concept for the design was derived from the adjacent creek and the beautiful natural environment, with a primary aim of making a structure that was simple yet dynamic, easy to construct and belonging to the place.

The design consists of three interlocking portals of varying heights, made of curved walls and hyperbolic paraboloid roofs. The structure is approximately 25m long, upto 4.5m wide and 3 to 5m tall. Entire structure is made out of whole bamboo culms and tied with natural sisal rope to allow for the necessary flexibility in the organic nature of the design.

The closely spaced whole bamboo culms create a sense of screened enclosure and the overlapping walls allows for openings, providing a glimpse into the natural surrounding and the festival site. There was constant play of light and shade not only in daylight but also at night. A bamboo wind-chime added one more dimension of sound & interactivity to the dynamic rhythm of bamboo structure.
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