Sounds & Rhythm of Bamboo

This project was part of our submission for the State of Design Festival 2011 in Melbourne. The project was to activate a footpath on Collins Street Bridge connecting to Dockland. 

The main concept of the design is to create an environmently conscious & place-appropriate design which interacts with humans at their sensory level. The design proposal is derived from the context and uses sustainable materials like bamboo and recycled billboards. Bamboo is highly suitable material for a temporary installation because it is structurally strong, grows very fast, has low embodied energy and can be reused or returned to the environment without causing any harm after the life of the installation.

The design consists of frames made from bamboo poles. The centrepiece of the design is the musical wall which uses naturally cylindrical form of bamboo in various ways to create an interactive wall where people can interact by making their own music. There is also a possibility of a programmed event with a music band performing using the various sounds of bamboo.

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