You may have felt the need to learn how to build sustainable homes? What  better if you are equipped to build such a home by yourself. Homebuilding is perhaps a little bit of art and little bit of science combined.

Here, Munir and Chandra, invite you to explore this process through a simple exercise of building a bamboo structure with our own hands. Munir is a designer and Chandra a structural engineer and together they will teach you how to design and build with bamboo.

We invite you to enrol in such courses based in India in its various locations. We have planned for in year 2018:
Date: 3 - 16 June 2018
Duration: 14 days
Location: Dang, India
​Date: 2-15 Sep 2018
​Duration: 14 days
​Location: North east India
Date: 2-15 Dec 2018
​Duration: 14 days
​Location: Maharashtra

​The masterclass is designed suitable for anyone who is interested in learning about bamboo construction and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty. 

The workshop will cover the following topics -
  • Uses and benefits of bamboo
  • Various bamboo species, characteristics and uses
  • Bamboo harvesting and treatment
  • Various types of bamboo joinery and connection techniques
  • Principles of designing with bamboo
  • Making and using bamboo strips
  • Hands-on construction of a structure in a rural village

The workshops will provide you with an in-depth understanding about designing and building with bamboo. Essentially, in a  workshop mode spanning for two weeks the emphasis will be on hands-on practical learning supported with required theory. 

After the course you are expected to gain knowledge and understanding of sustainable construction methods and materials so as to have enough confidence to design and build on your own.

Each workshop will have a maximum of 25 participants. 

Masterclass objective:  To gain in-depth understanding about designing and building with bamboo

Timeframe: 2 weeks

Location: Various

Cost: Rs.25,000 (USD 400)/person and includes -
  • Local accommodation
  • 3 meals/day
  • Training fee and all workshop training material

Payment: Rs.15,000 payable now to book a spot and remainder payable 1 week before the workshop.

Please fill out the form below to express your interest. More details will be sent to registered participants.
So if you are looking for something different in your life and are up for a challenge we welcome you to participate in this masterclass. We promise it will be an exhilarating experience that might as well change your life!

For any questions please contact:
Munir on or 
Chandra on

Munir Vahanvati
Munir Vahanvati is a Co-founder and Director of the Melbourne based design + build studio Giant Grass. He is passionate about natural building and hands-on learning and has worked with materials like bamboo and earth for more than 13 years. He has facilitated more than 30 bamboo construction workshops and has presented at a range of international conferences in Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea and Australia. He is World Bamboo Ambassador for WBO and Vice President of Bamboo Society of Australia.

Chandra Bhakuni
Chandra Bhakuni is a structural engineer with over 17 years of experience in contemporary structural engineering, disaster management and rural housing sectors. He graduated from SBST in year 1999 and undertook MSc. in Structural Engineering from University of Dundee, UK.