The Story

The Giant Grass story begain in 2003 when Mittul and Munir finished their studies in architecture and were looking to do something interesting and sustainable. We were introduced to bamboo by Prof. M P Ranjan from National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad. The strength, flexibility, versatility and various possibilities of bamboo fascinated us immediately. Being from architectural background we instantly realised the potential of bamboo in creating structures and buildings. The amazing bamboo structures by the master bamboo builders from Columbia like Simon Velez, Marcelo Villegas and Jorg Stamm instantly captured our attention and inspired us to work with bamboo. The hollow cylindrical form of bamboo was challenging to work with in terms of construction detailing but it gave us a challenge to experiment and explore.

We got an opportunity to work with local craftsmen in Dang, India to create bamboo products and structures as part of the 'Skill Upgradation Workshop'. In India we had started imparting basic design skills to the local bamboo craftsmen which, after moving to Sydney we continued by conducting workshops with community about designing and building with bamboo.

Traditionally bamboo was used for making various products but after the invention of plastic and industrialisation the use of bamboo slowly declined. In developing countries bamboo is phrased as a poor man’s timber because it is a cheap alternative to the expensive timber and is readily available. With increasing concerns about climate change and sustainability bamboo is slowly making a comeback as an alternative material for products, furniture and construction. Its amazing qualities are being recognised not only by design industry but by many other industries concerned about mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and the overall human impact on the environment.