Upcoming events

Joy of building with bamboo
4 May 2019, Eldorado, Victoria

In this FREE and highly informative talk at the Off Grid Living Festival, Munir will share the ups and downs of building with bamboo.
Building with Bamboo
5 May 2019, Eldorado, Victoria
​Come and learn about building with bamboo in this 1 day hands-on workshop at the Off Grid Living Festival. 

Hands-on learning workshops

We conduct a variety of hands-on learning workshops using bamboo and other natural materials. The aim of the workshops is to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of working with bamboo. The workshops also provide creative challenges and enables participants to test the design ideas through hands-on construction. The workshops range from 1 day to 1 week depending on the project and participants. 

We are able to tailor the workshops specific to your needs. If you require any further information or would like to organise a workshop please contact us by email.
Introduction to Bamboo
General bamboo introductory workshop providing an idea on bamboo as a material and various opportunities with bamboo (sustainable, properties, uses). Participants learn various techniques like cutting, splitting, drilling, making strips out of bamboo, weaving, dying and make small objects.

Team building workshop
Workshop for corporate organisations provides an opportunity for the members to work together as a team, make decisions collaboratively and get to know each other, all during fun-filled hands-on exercises, using bamboo as a sustainable material.

Kids hands-on workshop
Hands-on work enables connection of mind with hands, imparts ability to take risks and leads to creative thinking among kids. Using bamboo as a medium, we teach kids the necessary skills for working with hands and creating products of their own.

Beginner's bamboo construction workshop
Beginner level bamboo construction workshop providing introduction to bamboo as a construction material. People will learn various bamboo connections for construction including bolting, lashing, pegging and fishmouth joint. Participants will make prototypes of these joints  and by exploring basic construction principles.

Advanced bamboo construction workshop
Advanced level construction workshop focused on building a structure. Participants will be guided through the construction of a full scale structure which would include various techniques and design principles learnt in the beginner workshop.

Designing structures with bamboo
Workshop focused on designing structures with bamboo. Participants will learn key bamboo design principles and then design a project of their own with the help of the facilitator. They will also make scaled models to resolve and refine the design and connection details.